Clean Sweep

Well, I promised long ago to update you all on the toy management situation in our house.  It took the better part of a day, but here are the results:

M’s room:


A’s room:


The toys are all in bins.  The stuffed animals go in the colorful laundry baskets (barely!) and the miscellaneous blocks, trains, cars dolls etc. go in the clear plastic ones.  Books, certain games, and puzzles just stay downstairs.  In theory, we switch these toys out every week, bringing the old bins upstairs and new bins down.  But the kids are really quite content to play with a batch of toys for weeks, and they really seem to love the Duplos, trains, cars and wooden blocks, with an assortment of stuffed toys on the side.  It’s worked out pretty well, and cleaning isn’t such a nightmare at the end of the day.

Notice the “after” photo of my office is missing.  That’s because there is no “after.”  Also, technically, since this was a toy storage overhaul and there were no toys in my office, well, it was exempt.

And don’t ask to see the upstairs now either.  What you see above isn’t even the half of what these kids have, and the rest is crammed upstairs, some in their bins, some not.  It isn’t pretty.  But at least whatever is downstairs has a home now!

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