Variety and funny happenings

Oh, the many things I thought I’d blog about.  All have evaporated from my mind.

Here is one very funny thing that happened just yesterday.  It was blasting hot here, around 90, humid, a typical lovely summer day in Minnesota.  DH wisely bought an inflatable pool last week, and we were splashing around in it yesterday.  The kids were pretending they were swimming, and splashing, crashing into the sides, all those things that kids do.  Along the way, #2 apparantly was inspired to play a particular game with #1, and she began directing him, setting up this game.  “Now, you stand here.  No, over here.  Right.  Now when I count three we’ll both do this.”  And she rushed across the pool, and pushed off, intending to glide forward and stop at the opposite side, but instead she shot over the side and nearly flipped heels-over-head, but recovered at the last minute, eyes wide.  I think I took a reflexive step forward and stopped when I saw she was ok.  She looked at us with an uncertain smile and said, “That’s OK.  I actually meant to do that.”  Ha!

#1 Finally lost that top front tooth that was wiggling around while we were on vacation.  It popped out in the middle of the night about a week ago.  Thinking on his feet, he put the tooth under his pillow for the tooth fairy.  As you all might anticipate, the tooth fairy did not show up.  He is an optimistic child, and delights in many small pleasures, and woke in the morning with a smile on his face, holding out the tooth.  Then his face fell, and he said, “It didn’t work,” and told me about placing the tooth under his pillow in the middle of the night.  Also thinking fast, I told him that the tooth fairy had probably already passed our house on her nightly rounds and didn’t have time to double back to pick up his tooth.  He was satisfied with this, so we saved the tooth and he put it under the pillow that night with the babysitter.  Good thing they left out the little glass we had put it in for safety, or else the tooth fairy may have forgotten.  When  I she got home and saw the glass,  I she put the quarter under the pillow, retrieved the tooth, and continued on my her journey.  Fast forward to the morning.  We wake up and #1 emerges: no tooth, no quarter!  HUH?  DH looks at me quizzically, and I have no answer this time.  #1 takes a flashlight and looks under the bed.  No tooth.  HUH?  He hasn’t started crying yet, but I am not interested in getting to that point.  So, I grab a quarter, go with the kids to shake out the bedsheets, and voila!  The quarter was “hidden” in the pillowcase.  What a tricky tooth fairy.

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