Being Green

Partly in an effort to be a little “greener”, partly to save money, we recently sold my car.  Mostly it sat in the garage, or sat in the parking lot while I was working.  Four days a week it zipped me down the road to work which took all of 5 minutes.  That seemed like an unacceptable park-to-drive ratio, so we sold it.  Now I bus it, carpool (read: get picked up curbside by my co-worker, thanks Steph!) or walk.  I started walking a month ago, on a beautiful Minnesota spring day (a rarety for all you non-Minnesotans).  Soon I was walking every chance I got, savoring the 40 minutes alone and the workout.  Just last week we pulled out my mountain bike, dusted her off and I took her for a test ride.  I forgot how fun it is to ride!  I rode it for the first time on Tuesday.  Fun, fun, fun!  And good for me too, not to mention the environment.

I really do worry about the state of the planet, a worry likely to spin off into free floating anxiety if I am not careful.  I try to focus on the things I can reasonably do to tread lightly, and not chastise myself for all my habits that are poor environmental decisions.  Any small change I make now is a positive change.   Thus the bike ride to work.  Doubly good.

Happy riding!

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