101 Things in 1001 Days

I have come across this concept a number of times over the last year, and the time finally seems right to add my list to the mix.  Prairie Poppins shared her philosophy of approaching this as less of a “to do” list and more of a “to be” list.  This seems to be the right spirit for me, so here goes. (Note: towards the end I got tired of categorizing things, and just wanted to finish this list!)

Start date: February 18, 2009

End Date: November 16, 2011


1. Read Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh.

2. Start up my book club again (even if there are only 2 members.)

3. Read “A Nation Decieved”

4. Read “A Winter’s Tale”

5. Read “Possession”

6. Read “The Joy of Thinking”

7. Read a biography of Benjamin Franklin

8. Read a biography of Theodore Roosevelt

9. Read a biography of Queen Elizabeth 1

10. Read a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

11. Finish and review “Creative Homeschooling for Smart Families.”


12. Post once every two weeks on this blog (for 6 months.)

13. Submit the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented Homeschooler’s Chapter meeting minutes within two weeks of the meeting for the next 6 months.

14. Do NaNoWriMo.


15. Organize my office (triage all bills, bank statements, documents craft supplies.)

16. Make curtains for my office (from material from my subsantial stash.)

17. Sell all remaining cloth diapers.

18. Sell all remaining cloth diaper patterns.

19. Donate a bag of outgrown or unwanted clothes every month for 4 months.

20. Pack away M’s out of season clothes.

21. Pack away A’s out of season clothes.

22. Pack away my out of season clothes.

23. Finish M’s baby book (!)

24. Finish A’s baby book (!)

25. Start scrapbook for M.

26. Start scrapbook for A.

27. Start scrapbook for me.

28. Set up a homeschool area upstairs.

29. Paint the living room.

30. Paint the dining room.

31. Paint the downstairs hallway.

32. Organize my desk space at work.

33. Sell all extra dinnerware.

34. Sell all old/outgrown toys.

35. Donate all outgrown books.

36. Buy, set up and stock a bookcase for M.

37. Buy, set up and stock a bookcase for A.


38. Make two pairs of sweatpants for M and A.

39. Make a skirt for myself.

40. Finish the curtains on the French doors.

41. Make curtains for A’s room.

42. Make curtains for M’s room.

43. Paint the flowers on A’s room before she is too old to enjoy them!

44. Finish the lap quilt I bought in Iowa while driving home from KS.

45. Help Phil and A paint and assemble her doll house.

46. Pick out wall paper for A’s doll house.

47. Make one changing pad for my friend’s baby.

48. Finish the two bibs for my friend’s baby.

49. Make or repair a quilt for M’s room.

50. Make or repair a quilt for A’s room.

51. Get actual photographs in the empty frames we have lying around by July of next year.


52. Begin to learn Italian.

53. Teach M to play the guitar.

54. Compose a piano/guitar piece with M and perform it at the May 2009 Composition Recital.

55. Finally learn to play the entire “Fur Elise” by Beethoven.

56. Send M and A to a summer camp.

57. Attend a Concordia Languages camp as a family.

58. Write and perform a composition piece with A.

Health and Wellness:

59. Take vitamins and supplements as recommended for one month.

60. Walk or bike to work twice a week in good weather.

61. Eat a salad every day.

62. Learn to cross country ski as a family by next winter.

63. Go ice skating three times each winter.

64. Attend a yoga or ballet class twice monthly.



65. Call Mom every other week.

66. Call Dad every other week.

67. Call Mema more often.

68. Send quarterly family newsletter for an entire year.

69. See what I can find out about our family (Rossini) in northern MN.

70. Set up a contact list for the Rader side of the family.

71. Take an overnight trip once a year with A.

72.  Take an overnight trip once a year with M.


73. Finish writing/designing the poster presentation I created with my colleague.

74. Finish the case study I am working on with my colleague and submit it to a professional journal.

75. Attend one course on the cervical and thoracic spine.

76. Attend one course on muscle energy/trigger point/strain-counterstrain.

77. Attend Shirley Sahrmann’s course.

Green Living:

78. Clean our home with natural products 75% of the time.

79. Start a worm composter.

80. Grow 25% of our vegetables.

81. Plant 3 blueberry bushes.

82. Recycle 25% of our paper products (currently close to zero.)

83. Go paperless with 50% of our bills.

 84. Recycle 75% of our plastic bags.


85. Finish Business Plan for Invizeon.

86. Complete gathering tax information by the end of February.

87. Visit the accountant by the end of March.

91. Pay off our car loan, and own the thing free and clear.

92. Begin an at-home business.

93. Write business plan for said business.

94. Develop website and blog for said business.

95. Live with joy every day.

96. Reuse or refashion 50% of my and the children’s wardrobe next year.

97. Reduce my work outside of the home hours, to allow more time for homeschooling.

98. Visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder homesteads in Wisconsin, MN and South Dakota.

99. Travel east by train.

100.  Attend Combined Sections Meeting in 2010 or 2011.

101. Lie on the beach in the sun.



7 thoughts on “101 Things in 1001 Days

  1. But, I do have over 2 more years to accomplish this. And many tasks are initiated or nearly done!

  2. um, wend?
    If I accomplish 2 things on my list of 10, I’m feeling pretty good. How ’bout this . . . (and don’t be afraid I’m going totally flaky!!!)

    May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly
    where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite
    possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you
    use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has
    been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you
    are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the
    freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every
    one of us.”

  3. I’ve crossed off the items that I have either completed or given myself permission to delete. And I have accomplished many, many other things during this time that do not appear on this list!

  4. I deleted making the baby items for my friend. By the time I’d get those done the baby would be nearly 2! I do have some shred of sanity left in me. I’m sure I’ll end up deleting more items as the amount of available time and energy shrinks as Nov. 2011 nears. 🙂

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